What Is Banking Management Software?

The Banking Management Software System is designed keeping in mind the requirements of the Banking process. This software has been designed and integrated with all the functionalities required by bank. It is flexible to use and scalable in design. The modules of Banking Software deals with specific activity and it is very user friendly as well as affordable.

Phlox IT Global defines the meaning of Banking Management Software

Our Banking Management Software involves Verification by independent party which confirms that the customer is actually requesting for service. It actually asks for identity of customer and gives guarantee of authorized customer by confirming his order. So that fraud customers get easily identified by verification and lot of work can be reduced.
This Banking Management Software identifies the authorized customers which helps to reduce lot of work done by banks. Therefore no need to check for identity of customers again when they are applying for any kind of services in various banks.

Following are the key benefits of the Banking Management System:

  • Provides all types of verification to bank agencies including (Residence, Office, Telephonic, Document).
  • Easy case entry and automatic report generation.
  • Provides tracking of employees.
  • Can set formulas for calculating test values.
  • Maintains employee database and verification report.
  • Maintains panel wise rates and also maintains collection rates.
  • Strong Security and Administration.
  • Reports.
  • Login panel & user rights.

Nidhi Banking Solutions:

A Nidhi Banking Solutions must need this software as by using this all the things will get easy to manage under one roof like, all your branches, employees, operators, agents, customers, policies, deposits, withdrawals, loans, saving accounts other different schemes, Reporting and lots more.


  • Admin Login
  • Branch Login
  • Collection centre
  • Saving account
  • Customize Inrest Rate
  • Manage Ranks
  • Mange RD (Recurssive deposite)Plans
  • Manage FD (Fixed deposite) Plans
  • MIP (Monthly Income Plan)
  • Pension Plan
  • Incentive
  • Daily Deposite account
  • Advisor Registration
  • Member Application
  • Installment
  • Due Installment
  • Collection Report
  • Ledger
  • Day Book
  • Expanse Voucher
  • Income Voucher
  • SMS Alert
  • Email facility

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