What Is E-Commerce Solutions?

E-Commerce Solutions is no longer just about providing web-based services. It is about enabling retailers, brands and catalogers to be more consumer-centric across channels.
E-Commerce Solutions will help you get agile, flexible and efficient to maintain digital systems in close alignment with your non-digital set up, thereby enabling a smooth transition to a consumer-centric model.

Phlox IT Global defines the meaning of E-Commerce Solutions

E-Commerce Solutions is a unique with a fully integrated ecosystem of e-Commerce partners, delivered through a single-managed relationship.

It is a comprehensive feature-rich, “boxed commerce” framework that not only fits your standard requirements but also accommodates your specific requirements. It incorporates best practices and global benchmarks.

Client Challenges:

  • Rapidly changing consumer behavior.
  • Shifting consumer loyalties.
  • Ineffective consumer engagement.
  • Lack of a consumer-centric model.
  • Rising costs.
  • Inability to cope with the advancments in technology that empower consumers with access to multiple shopping channels.

Get The Phlox IT Global Advantage:

  • Our e-Commerce platform supports a host of online business models that will help you execute your online business strategy successfully.
  • We provide value addition to your e-Commerce strategy and generate continuous success.
  • We offer a flexible and modular approach to enable the plug-n-play of solution components.
  • Vendor performance management including lates, shorts, or quality issues.
  • Complete pricing management including contract pricing, start and end dates, quantity penalties, and more.
  • Cost visibility to show actual costs, and overhead costs plus markup, tie landed costs plus buying costs back to individual products.

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