What Is Food Chain Management?

Your business operates on razor thin margins with added pressures of managing freight costs, rebate programs and, inventory turns. Having the right food distribution software literally keeps your business moving – ensuring the correct inventory levels that maximize cash flows and profitability, enabling remote customer service rep ordering, managing food safety compliance across your supply chain, automating warehousing, and other high-priority goals.

Phlox IT Global defines the meaning of Food Chain Management

Whether your company specializes in food processing or food distribution, Food ERP software is your all-in-one Food ERP software solution. You’ll love the ability to completely customize and personalize applications, screens, and reports, using custom fields tailored to your specific food distribution and food processing needs.

The right business software, such as an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, will enable your food distribution operations to achieve:

With our Food Chain Management, you can track, analyze, and manage all of your accounting and business processes, including::

  • Food management and accounting.
  • Regulatory and compliance reports.
  • Manufacturer chargebacks.
  • Recipe management.
  • Lot traceability.
  • Supply chain management.

Food Chain Management Functionality:

  • Accurate inventory management and visibility.
  • Forecast accuracy using your sales and buying history.
  • Smart buying through the purchase planning engine.
  • Vendor performance management including lates, shorts, or quality issues.
  • Complete pricing management including contract pricing, start and end dates, quantity penalties, and more.
  • Cost visibility to show actual costs, and overhead costs plus markup, tie landed costs plus buying costs back to individual products.

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